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Cara CacyCara Cacy, OB RN
Internationally Board Certified Lactation Counselor

My name is Cara Cacy.  I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Breastfeeding Educator, and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Counselor.  More importantly I am also a wife, “mommy”  to 2 girls, 1 boy, and step-mom to 2 boys.  In my down time, I enjoy reading (Christian fiction, parenting journals, and breastfeeding articles/books/periodicals), digital scrapbooking/photo editing, walking, and playing board games with the kids.

As an OB nurse, I play the role of labor/delivery/nursery nurse, patient advocate, labor support person, teacher, listener, and breastfeeding support person (aka Lactation Consultant).  I am very passionate about breastfeeding and find great joy and satisfaction in all aspects of lactation (prenatal education, assisting with a newborn’s first feeding, or assessing a less-than-ideal breastfeeding situation and helping find the cause and/or solution).  I like to think of myself as the nursing mother’s “cheerleader”.

As I study and learn more about breastfeeding and lactation, I find it amazing that there is such a vast amount of science that supports the nature of the mother to her infant (no matter how small) in an effort to comfort, touch, feed, and protect him or her.  I believe it is the mother (with the help of mother nature), holding her infant to nurse, who will make sure her baby will thrive.

I offer Lactation Consultant services at Myrtue Medical Center OB Department through prenatal breastfeeding classes, maternity inpatient consulting, and can arrange to meet with patients for follow-up after discharge if needed.



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