Maintain Don’t Gain – RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “MAITAIN DON’T GAIN” program at Petersen Family Wellness Center. We had great success.  Many that participated maintained their weight, or even LOST weight!  This program is a No Stress program.  All you have to do is watch what you are eating and keep on exercising and try to Maintain over the holidays.  It helped keep many on track without trying to lose weight…hence, MAINTAIN DON’T GAIN.  It’s a fact that over the holiday’s many of us over indulge and gain an average of 7 lbs.  It is amazing that we can gain 7 lbs. in 4-6 weeks and then it takes 6-12 weeks to take if off again.  Good job everyone! These are the winners from the drawing of those who did Maintain!  Congrats!

  • Black and White NIKE bag – Melissa Boettger
  • Purple Bag – Ivy Robinson
  • “LIDS” Gift Certificate – Andi Williams
  • $50 Quik Pik Gas card – Jennifer Arnold
  • $100 GAS CARD – Mary Pinental